European Open in Kristianstad 2012


Here you can order photos I took at European Open in Kristianstad Sweden  2012

In the left corner in the galleries below are a combination of characters starting with _DL0 this is what you use when you order pictures.

NOTE! Remember that most images are not "developed" or cropped. When I received an order I review the image to see so that the quality and sharpness is good the format of your choice. Then I crop the picture so that it is the dog that ends up in the spotlight. Please tell me in the order if you  want the handler in the image or not. Also, even if the dog is all black I photograph in a way that makes it possible to bring back details from the black. If you order an image where I can't do that, I'll inform you.






  • 13×18 cm foto 100 SEK,
  • 20 x 30 cm print 180 SEK
  • Highresolution jpeg file with logo 100 SEK

Here's a link to order form